The 3 Biggest Problems Everyone Has
With General Contractors and

How Tyson Building Corporation of
Fort Worth, TX Overcomes Them All

The 3 biggest problems most people have with a general contractor are:
1. The general contractor does not stay on schedule.

2. The general contractor does not keep you informed of the status of your project.

3. The general contractor does not stay within budget.

1. Staying on schedule
Our President, Mr. Ben White, and Vice President, Mr. Dan Covington, are involved with every project to prevent any schedule slippage. They have combined over 70 years experience in construction so they know how to plan a project to keep it on schedule. Whether your construction site is in Fort Worth, Dallas or any where in the Metroplex, the project manager and project supervisor are on site daily to check progress and to eliminate any production bottlenecks before the schedule is impacted.

2. Keeping you informed
At Tyson, we believe that customer service is the most important service we provide. We have specifically tailored the way we do business around your need for fast and accurate information about your project. Our Project Managers and Project Supervisors are on your site daily so they know exactly what progress is being made and if there are any issues that need your immediate attention. We are available by cell phone for immediate response. We schedule regular status meetings to discuss your project with you and to listen to your issues or concerns.

3. Staying within budget
98% of our contracts are fixed price. We have learned through experience how to price our services and products to be competitive with other contractors while including everything that you need for your building. Others might low ball a bid to get the work, then require change orders to add the things that you thought you were getting in the first place. Or they may have lost money on the last project so they try to make it up on your project through change orders. We don’t do any of that. Each project we do stands on its own, and you pay the price agreed upon.

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