How Much Is My Facility Going To Cost?

If you will answer ALL of the following questions we will be able to estimate within ± 10% to ± 15% your actual building costs. Our estimate will be based on the accuracy of your responses to these questions and a follow up phone conversation. We will give you your estimate verbally.

What is your Company name (or dba)?
What is your current address?
What is your current city, state and zip?
*For your new facility do you have your own property and if so, what is the address? Is it inside or outside the city limits?
*Do you already have financing or do you still need to arrange for financing?
*What will the building be used for? (i.e. manufacturing, warehouse, warehouse/office, retail, etc.)
*What size facility do you think you will need?
*How many employees will be working in the building
*Will you require truck loading or unloading? (i.e. a dock, with how many bays?)
*Do you have any special requirements? (Environmental, special electrical, isolated slab, etc.)
*Do you have a preference for steel, tilt-wall or traditional construction?
*Do you have a budget in mind?
Any additional information that you think might be relevant?

*Denotes required field.

Note: We do not share any information obtained through our website with anyone outside our company.

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“When my son and I decided to build some mini warehouses, we used Tyson Building Corporation and I am really glad we did. They saved us a lot of money.

We knew how much we could afford. Tyson bid, we agreed to it and there were no surprises. We did not pay anymore than we agreed to. During the construction, the city told us we needed to spend a lot more money to landscape and comply with the fire code. Tyson worked with the city to resolve these issues so that we did not have to waste money to comply with building codes that did not apply to us.”

S.M. Page, Kingpin Limited Partnership

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