Tyson, serving Fort Worth and Dallas since 1959, has extensive experience in all three major project delivery systems, Design-Build, Design-Bid-Build and Construction Management. Whichever you select, be assured that we will complete your project on time, on budget according to your design specifications.

Tyson’s Design-Build services:

Our first step in the Design-Build process is to do a Functional Needs Analysis. This is just a fancy way of saying that we get to know what you hope to accomplish with your new or renovated facility. We don’t assume anything so we spend time with you to find out exactly what you want your new building or addition to do for your business.

Based on the Functional Needs Analysis and your project budget we sit down with our team of engineers, architects (if needed), and construction staff to determine how to provide that functionality in the most cost effective and timely manner possible. We explore alternatives:

  • short-term economies, such as type of construction (pre-engineered steel, tilt-wall or traditional) and the materials to be used in the construction
  • long-term economies, such as maintenance, utility, and insurance costs
  • any special needs that you may have such as aesthetics and the image you want your company to project through your facility
  • lastly, we look at any special environmental requirements that your business may have

Once you approve of the design, we then agree to a fixed price contract with an established completion date. Our contract is extremely detailed and states specifically what is included in the contract. We will either get the required city permits or assist you in getting them. Construction, from site preparation through finish out and landscaping, is carried out according to the approved plan using only licensed, experienced and insured subcontractors. Our Project Managers visit the site daily to ensure that everything is on schedule and are prepared to discuss your project’s status with you at any time. There are no surprises when you have Tyson construct your facility. We have completed 96% of our projects on time and 100% within budget.

Tyson’s Design-Bid-Build services:

If you already have an architect and defined requirements, we welcome the opportunity to bid on your project. We work closely with your architect and maintain professional relationships at all levels of construction to achieve the desired product according to your plans and specifications. As with all of the projects we participate in, we use only licensed, experience and insured subcontractors. We do this at the stated bid price and within the stated time frame.

Construction Management services:

As a construction manager, we act on your behalf to provide impartial advice concerning your project. You can select the services you need, from pre-design and design phases through the construction phase. Our goal is to ensure the best results for your construction dollar. We bill these services on a time and materials basis.

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