Learn The Ins and Outs of Construction
and General Contractors or

Spend the Next 20 Years Wishing You Had

Selecting a general contractor to build or renovate your commercial or light industrial facility is one of the most important decisions you will make when expanding your business. Since so many things can go wrong, you need an experienced general contractor to eliminate those bumps, hiccups and disasters.

Wrong General Contractor
Right General Contractor
A ton of change orders increases the cost of your facility. No additional change orders, every thing was included in the contract – you stay on budget.
Getting permits from the city causes schedule delays. City permits obtained quickly; the general contractor knew what the city required and gave it to them the first time – you stay on schedule.
General contractor goes out of business before completing your facility. Contractor is financially sound and is fully insured – you get a completed facility.
You thought the soil testing was included in the contract but it wasn’t. Your contract with the general contractor is detailed and tells you exactly what is and is not included – you get no surprises or additional costs.
Your facility is late and you don’t know why. You have the cell phone number of the construction supervisor (who is on site daily) – you know what is happening at all times.

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